After 40 Years, They Still Have Lame Aliens.

Long time, no post, dear Livejournal. I couldn't help but notice several posts on my friends page that asked the question "Where is everyone? Why does no one post anymore?" Ever since Facebook got all the rage a couple years ago it really put a nail in the old LJ coffin, which I suppose was bound to happen. Ironically, I can't go to a bar or nightclub and not see every second person with a digital SLR taking rapid-fire shots for to enjoy with the internet later.  I remember a time when I was one of the few doing this, but blogging was a skill and an art of more than a few sentences. Then again, I also have no idea what Twitter is ... also, I just did a radio show last night with two 16 year old rock stars, and it made me feel well aged, like cheese, and not wine.

I could at least be sure to find people older than me at this Star Trek convention / marathon I went to on Saturday down at the Rio Theatre. I felt like I was cheating on Star Wars, but it was fun just the same.

Something else that makes me feel like an old fart is that I can't figure out how to make a cut in Livejournal work anymore, so you're not going to get one.

The good old balcony. Some nerd up here had 700 too many "witty" remarks to make during the screening of "Space Seed", so we bailed on it by the time they showed "Wrath of Khan". Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is only funny on the TV, dude!

This was the Klingon rap-battle, that wasn't even in Klingon!

In the off-season she does a mean slave Leia.

The marathon ended with the new Trek movie. Though I wouldn't call myself a Trekkie by any means,  I can understand their love/hate feelings towards it. It has a consistent mix of inaccuracies but a tenacious attention to proper details.  I guess the average moviegoing audience doesn't care either way, and they're the ones that make this thing fly.

Got to admit thought, I was most exited for what started the whole thing off, an episode from the old cartoon (written by the guy who played the original Chekov no less,and he was never even on cartoon). I forgot how rad that show was, perhaps more mod and stylish than the original it is based from? Well, maybe, if not for the episode ending with this unfortunate (but hilarious) bit of dialogue.

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Office Space'd.

There are seven main rules our out-going self-appointed boss of our office wrote down last week for us to take to heart:

1: Five minute break every hour.

2: Fifteen minute break whenever necessary.

3: Always do quality check.

4: Quality more important than speed.

5: Don't stress your co-worker, BE NICE.

6: Always be prepared for a raise!

7: Don't be afraid to seek help, professional or otherwise.

To top it off, he sent me a Facebook message this morning at 10:30 to tell everyone to take a break. I must admit, this job has a fraction of a fraction of the value of being a photographer, but also a fraction of a fraction of the stress. I could probably do this office gig all day, every day. Even the co-workers are the rad kind of people I go out for beers with after knowing them for a couple of weeks.

It's also most excellent to have a 9-5 schedule again, so I can go out on the weekend like a weekend is meant for. Jo and I have gone to the island a couple times to visit my family, and we went out this past weekend with Charlotte from Calgary and then the next night to a rad party with Nigel and Shannon in the middle of chach-ville. We showed up during the Earth Hour, so the house was totally dark and didn't look like it had a party going on inside of it. If Earth Hour was related to climate change and/or global warming, the absolute snowstorm we endured to get to it was most ironic. Though Nigel beat me in my own home an hour earlier at Smash Bros. Brawl I got some sweet beer pong revenge.

Jo and I left to go to the Naam 24 hr veg restaurant in Kits, which is the beetnik village my parents met in back in 1960-something. It used to be dead in the middle of the night, and the exact place to go after the bar when you're drunk for drunk food, but now since Vancouver has been overrun with people from all corners of the Earth, it was absolutely packed at 1am with all sorts of classy people, the kind of people who would frown upon inebriation in general, let alone in their presence. However, one individual who was there wouldn't - when we got in Jo says to me "Is that Sarah Silverman sitting over there?" You know it was, and we even sat next to her table. Had I said anything to her or even made creepy eye-contact I'd write more, but there's nothing else to say. According to a co-worker, her show in town was a lame hecklefest, the likes of "Jimmy Kimmel's face!" WTF?

The next day, I played an RPG board game based on Call of Cthulhu with Marielle, Jordie, and a friend of theirs. All night long. I ain't ashamed to admit it was fun, hell yeah. I played a psychic with guns, and my last stand against a horde of monsters to shut down a portal was most poetic... though a closer inspection of the rule book after we declared victory and packed up turned out we didn't really win, but it felt like a victory.

Anyway, what would an entry of mine be without some slightly relevant pictures?

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At the end of next month, Jo and I will be celebrating our big 1 year of being love bugs together! I'm big-time exited for the celebration, and what's to come after! But first, starting tonight, we're going to get a cat that's almost as old as we are.

Yo, CBC Raps!

In a classic case of "not what you know but who you know", I had my debut on the CBC airwaves today with Chris-A-Rific, a friend of mine from CiTR who was filling in for one of CBC Radio 3's programs while Grant Lawrence is in Texas covering the South by Southwest festival. The man is one of my idols, I gotta say, but I guess missing the chance to meet him isn't so bad when you get the chance to be him while we talked about music festivals.

The place is everything I thought it would be, state of the art, fancy, artsy, quiet, rad! I hope one day I can manage to get on there with some kind of regular gig, even as a fill-in, but who knows. For now, I'll just enjoy the knowledge that pretty much anything I've done for fun on the college level and even before that when I'd make mix-tapes on my brother's ghetto blaster when I was in the single-digits. Come to think of it, I should do a tribute to my brother since the thought of my youth goes right to the time I slid his records across the floor into my dog's mouth, and said bro was surprisingly not mad.

For now, my current radio status will have to do, and it more than does. I've started a blog called Yo! CiTR Raps where I put my old podcasts up, since I figure on this day off is as good a day as any to do this, and I was going to do it sooner or later. I also went and made doodles of my past guests, which I am sure will offend every one of my past guests. My next show will be an all-hip-hop spectacle with these guys that I work with who have a rap crew, and are hilarious. At Jo's birthday at Mod Club on Friday two guys who are also friends (as pretty much every person I've had on is) Jordan and Ryan (drunkenly) discussed coming on as one big group and doing... stuff. I don't know if they were serious / remember saying that, but it'd be brilliant.

Speaking of Jo's birthday, she had a great one. I invited a bunch of her friends who's emails I knew to come out to dinner where I lost some balloons she was given to the ceiling. We then went to Mod Club and danced the night away. There are a ton of excellent photos here that capture it all, including our apartment if you ever wondered what our living place was like. Anyway, Jo loved the reunion, and didn't stop talking until she fell asleep. There was a lot of moshing going on at the club, which I approve of, the bouncers don't, but I do.

There was a different breed of moshing going on the next night when I went to the Cancerbats show with Marielle. A bunch of teen jocks took it over to hardcore dance, which is all well and good and should be expected (though some emo kid lost it on them), but then a leather-clad gentleman who looked like Mikey in ten years came on out and out-moshed the shit out of them. The show was amazing overall, like a life and death experience at once, I really need at least two hardcore shows a year, that's a new quota.

Employment Standurrrrds

Finding a new job has been nothing short of frustrating. Yesterday I went to work at what I thought would be my first day at a new photo studio, but the owner up and decided to bring his son in mid-day and not hire me nor another new guy and hire his own kid, a kid who needed to be told what a contact sheet was, did nothing all day, and even flat-out told me "I don't really care about photography". Today, I took a step to get placed in an office somewhere, anywhere. It would be a nice change of scene, although you would think that managing to do something as impressive as graduate a University with a degree in Creative Writing and English would yeild you some kind of royal-like status treatment, not "We don't edit our e-mails when we send them to clients, what's the point?"

Speaking of my somewhat current / somewhat former employer, I tried to have a small going away party for this one guy I've come to enjoy working with a hell of a lot - Pete! He came here from somewhere South of London a short time ago, and has already headed off to live in the new Canadian frontier of Nova Scotia. I got to drunk to go out to the bar with him after, but we did have a good round of him beating me at every Wii and SNES game I could dish out, even ones he never played before! I always respected his man-ness, in a non-gay way. On our way to the liqour store he took out some bags of clothes for us to give to the homeless, what a guy... what a guy... Nova Soctia is so lucky!

I should give someone a WKRP-themed birthday, the kind of birthday I always wanted!

I also handed in a resume with a demo CD to the CBC today, a security guard put it into an official envelope... making something of mine is out there in an official CBC envelope... ready to be ignored!

President of the Junior Dinosaur Junior Fan-Club!

I took Jo to the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show last weekend. It was pretty amazing, so amazing in fact my only regret was that it was longer (well, that and the animatronics and the legs of the dudes were unfortunate, but oh well, considering when I was a youngin' I spent many months anticipating a family vacation to a dinosaur park that only had statues, and they weren't even physically "proper" by today's scientific standards)... anyway, when we got to the end of the Triassic Period a few minutes, I was thinking this would be as long as an episode of "Friends" or something, but that wasn't the case.

One highlight for us was this kid behind us who really got into the show. He freaked out when the Allosaur came into the scene, and started yelling at it 'GO HOME, ALLOSAURUS! GO HOME!' It was more endearing than annoying, except when he asked questions about what the Paleontologist already side, like 'why is the Earth moving?' He already talked about Pangaea! Pay attention! At the end of the show he said his favorite dinosaur was the Tyrannosaurs Rex. Go figure.

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Leanne came over to the big city, I met her randomly on the street and we took a trip over to the Cambie and then went to the Church of Scientology (no shit) to get enlightened.  Speaking of the higher communion, I had 1/2 of Fake Shark / Real Zombie on my show for an interview which went rather heinously. The pre-prodction booth's mixer fried before I got to use it one morning, and the girl that discovered it let me into the news room to use their booth so the three of us huddled around one mic Orson Welles style while the radio recorded the radio and their CD right over us talking. Anyway, I dedicated a good seven years in college radio last Sunday, which you can listen to here if you're going on a road trip somewhere with a relentlessly winding road for two hours straight or something. It just so happens that after all this time, I'm about to get into the big leagues I've wanted to since I was learning how to poo!

Here's one of Adjective playing this past weekend at the Astoria. Also, Jo and I went down to a bohemian jam space where Adrian and the La-La's were recording an album and we leant our vocals and applause to their club atmosphere. 

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I still need to get her something for V.Day. You could give me suggestions, but since she's reading this she'd know what you suggested and if she got that (as great as said hypothetical suggestion would be I'm sure) she'd know from where I got the idea. I do have one idea that involves ice.

If It Happens Thrice, You Know It's Worth Mentioning.

I'm not one to really believe in destinies or divine messages or anything, but sometimes, when strange things happen in threes I get a little perturbed. For instance, a couple days ago I had a day off, or so I thought, and while I was out for a stroll nice and early I see this guy on a scooter bail hard into the rear of a truck... or I almost see it, at least. He blazed by me, then I heard this skid and crunch well over my own ipod noise. So I get to this embarassed lad, try to help him up but he's more concerned with getting on his way 'cause he felt he pulled some amateurish move or something. I was like, ok cool, if you're alright I'll just help your scooter up for you and that's that. Then, on my way back I came across this jogger flat on her ass, I ask her if she's alright, she says she didn't see the ice, gets up and staggers away.

Finally, on my way home after I get a call that a colleague of mine is in the hospital and can I come in and cover for him in the studio (thus ending my day off) I hear this guy behind me fall down hard, so I turn around and walk back up the street over this guy to see if he's okay and expect him to get up and be all embarassed and tell me he's fine, but this elderly fellow was barely conscious, and had a face covered in blood with a half-cocked nose on his face. I tell him to keep still and call him an ambulance, while two other ladies pull over, and some jock dude who knew first-aid comes on by (allegedly pulling a u-turn on the street, though I didn't see that) while some other lady who lived down the street got him a blanket and some water. All the while, a few passers by, from scenester kids to older Chinese gentlemen I'd say half if not most, stopped and offered a phone for an ambulance, which I have to admit is a lot more generous than the pretentious and pushy Vancouver I thought I knew. There were a few rubber neckers that we stared at and complimented their silent uselessness amongst ourselves, but otherwise, this town stepped up in a way I thought was long-gone.

Anyway, a couple days later I went to this party at a warehouse where these guys from LA were DJ'ing and taking photos in a makeshift photobooth. Rony's Photobooth was his name (see if you can spot a j-bro). I guess there is someone out there with a crazier setup than what I have, it's a little reassuring. I said something to him while he took someone's photo about his lens, and he was the nicest dude on the block, he even came back over while a hundred people where hollering for his attention to tell me something about much the same lens I've been wanting for awhile.

So, speaking of photos, I've been to Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park several times in the past week. With Jo, then with Lia, but most of the time by myself. One early morning I went there to capture a sunrise and some ducks (since all of the birds you'd find there are friendlier than anyone you'd meet on Granville St., hell, the lady geese trot out of the water like dinosaurs and practically mate with you... good lord are those beasts huge), then this jogger passing by tells me about his Heron that was chilling in an obscure spot. I'll be damned if this wasn't the most perfect thing I've seen.

I also picked up a fish-eye Lomo camera the other day and tried some stuff with it. I've always loved the Lomo's style even though it's been a couple years since I've used one.

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In other news, I did this radio show last Sunday with some members of a local band Adjective that I think went down most triumphantly (photo taken by said band's Ryan Riot). In fact, for once I feel inclined to tell you where you can download the post cast from (here). I hope that works. I never edit the time well on my podcasts, so it starts two minutes into it, but after a bit of dub and a couple ads you're well into it. I've sacrificed my radio skills for the sake of having a bi-weekly party ... mission accomplished!

So, I think that about covers whatever I wanted to get out there. "Juno" is full of lol's on nearly "Lil' Miss Sunshine" scale (though any man in that movie aside from J. Jonah Jamison is a total douche), "Atonement" has nice war scenes but is otherwise weak on story and kind of unrealistic. "No Country for Old Men" is pretty intense and rad but has too many stories and I don't think the ending made much sense. 
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What Are You Drilling For, Oil?!

It seems my New Year's tradition this year is to ring it in in the emergency room. This year was different for the sake of my health at least, but I can't say the same for Jo. Her arms are still bruised from the IV's jammed in there.

In other news, I started a deviant art and have been obssessed with it lately. I've divided my shit into five basic categories - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Transformers. All the essentials.


Good Days, the Old Days, and End of Days.

 So my brother's best friend calls up a couple days ago and asks why I don't write on my blog any more, leading my brother to ask me what a blog is. Since my last entry I always thought, hey, what I wrote still holds true - home's great, job's great, radio show is great, etc.

I haven't taken many (if any) pictures in the past few months since I've started working for a photography studio. After I do some 300+ head shots in one day, the last thing I'd think about doing for fun would be to take more pictures. It's something all of my colleages have gone through as well... speaking of whom, said colleagues are the best people I've ever worked with, we all get on better than any place I've worked at. We're all so similar I've even had my boss and this other guy Pete I work with on my radio show. Jo calls him "my boyfriend Pete", I had even gushed about him to her the day I met him in the studio and said 'There's this guy in the studio, he looks like Charlie from "Lost", and he's from South London, too! He says thing's like "nic" and "bugger"... and he blah blah blah blah.' Then what do you know, we became good buds.

Even though I haven't taken many pictures lately, this is probably a good time for one of those yearly introspectives I used to go so hard with. Whenever I really want to take some pictures for fun, like when Jo and I take a train ride around Stanley Park to admire their intense festive light displays with Gwenn and Erik my camera dies and won't come back... I think that time I dropped it on East Hastings and kicking it down the street while I was rather loopy was what did it in, so this may be the last you see of that old Sony. 

Anyway, we recently had out (twelfth!) annual Rockathon at the Queen's in Nanaimo, and how could I let a year pass without posting some photos of that? 

With this one, I can hear words Jo once said (unrelated to this) when she exclaimed 'Recreating scenes from last year, much?'.

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Looking Good

Looks like three good things have come my way lately, all in the span of a week to boot.

Good thing #1 - New job, in photography no less at a damn swank studio. I'll be going out on the road in September or October for it, so there will be some adventures in the near future. HMV have become a tad vindictive giving me 6 days off this week when I gave my notice last week, which put me at very little time until I leave.  I took a few shifts from other people since I had the time on my hands, hell, anyone would do it since they get an average of at least one to three people a week calling in sick  because nobody wants to work 40 hours a week there.

Good thing #2 - New radio show on CiTR. Not sure when, maybe September or October. It'll be all about new music and so far I've put the word out to some friends of mine I've seen lately in bands / DJs and even said to Moka Only as he was buying a mag in HMV at my till that he should come on. Not to mention Mr. Adrian Teacher, of course! It's true, I could not leave it alone.

Good thing #3 - New home in the West End. Jo found a rad place and I checked it out later that day and gave it my seal of approval the next day. We'll be moving in on Sept 1st or late late August and I'm damn exited. I can picture myself relaxing but good once we're moved in. We'll be getting some beach time in with what summer will be left, too. I will make it happen!

Completely unrelated, there's also a new video game where Mario races Sonic the Hedgehog coming out. WTF is this, since when was Mario known for speed? Next thing you know they'll be doing a Street Fighter vs. Tetris.